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  • Filming with Future of School for a Documentary

    The Future of School recently asked me to share my voice as part of an episode of Dennis Quaid’s “The Viewpoint” related to their initiative “No More I Hate School”.  At first glance, it felt very random for me to be filmed for anything and almost logistically impossible to leave my kids and job for […]


  • ADHD at School by the Numbers

    Facts & Figures That Every Educator Should Know About – Please Help Spread the Word 🙏🧡


  • The Help I Want by Jason, a 9 year old with ADHD

    To Sit in a Quiet Place “I don’t want to bother anyone but I like to sit in a place where it’s quieter and not that much like going on around me.  It’s ok if I’m in the back or kind of by myself because I’m more comfortable if I can focus better and also […]


  • The Genius of ADHD

    “ADHD makes me creative. I love building games and building stuff. I’ve been like that ever since I was little. I started with big blocks and now I’m pretty much just into video games. I’m also really good at Math. I have very creative ways to get answers. I also think of creative strategies to […]


Hi, I’m Nicole &
I was the kid in school…

that questioned literally everything about school. I wondered why we all had to take notes the exact same way. It also seemed unfair that kids who were good at art, music, mechanics, and sports were always made to feel like there was something wrong with them because they weren’t successful in school. Even as a small child it didn’t make sense to me that my parents would threaten my brother with soccer where he shined to “motivate” him academically.